Is healthspan reputable?

Rating 2, 4 (86) I have used healthspan for many years and have always had excellent service. However, deliveries have been unreliable in recent weeks. Healthspan is the UK's largest mail-order provider of vitamins, minerals and health supplements. Founded by Derek Coates in 1996, the company is headquartered at Healthspan House on Guernsey's Channel Island.

Healthspan House, The Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey, United Kingdom, GY1 2QH. I ordered a certain product from Healthspan, initially I had it as a subscription, but they shipped it much more frequently than the plan. HealthSpan strives to offer the best products on the market with the help of a team of wellness and nutrition experts. There, you'll also receive additional information about your service, including the fact that HealthSpan has received the Gold Trusted Service award four times in a row.

Derek Coates founded Healthspan Direct in 1996, with an initial catalog of 10 products and eventually expanded to more than 150 products, including nutritional supplements, products from the herbal range, cosmetics and skin care products (under the name Nurture) and veterinary supplements (such as VetVits). Healthspan was a bit of an exaggeration when it came to organizing and carrying out campaigns, but since then the company has moved forward and hired new managers and agencies. Healthspan has also received criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has repeatedly ruled against the company for claims made about the company's products. It may not be Healthspan's fault, but I think Mastercard's requirement to check the SIM code every time I make a purchase causes me anxiety.

In 2004, Healthspan filed a lawsuit against Healthy Direct, another provider of health supplements based in Guernsey, alleging that the company had changed its name to C.

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