What is lifespan and healthspan?

Life expectancy is the total number of years we live. Creating a multidimensional healing perspective, driven by modern anti-senescent and regenerative technology with greater decision-making, would require dedicated resources and cost-effective validation to responsibly close the gap between health and life expectancy and achieve a future of equitable global well-being. Now, death is generally the result of chronic diseases, which develop throughout life; and the reduction in mortality rates among people with chronic illnesses or disabilities means that more people with illnesses or disabilities survive. In this sense, the integration of scientific advances with public and social programs is essential to succeed in extending a healthy life.

If adjusted life expectancy for health reasons is used, which takes into account life expectancy, years lived with a disability, and premature death due to illness 3, the gap between life expectancy and life expectancy is estimated at about 9 years (fig. Thanks to advances in public health based on science, the average human life expectancy has doubled since 1900). The steady increase in life expectancy has been achieved, but has not been achieved with a proportionate increase in health expectancy. Life expectancy refers to the total number of years of life, while health expectancy is how many of those years are lived without serious illnesses (Harvey A.

Childhood adversity, social alienation, socioeconomic maladaptation and access to compromised health care are related to health inequality and reduced life expectancy. Life expectancy and health-adjusted life expectancy are measures of life expectancy and life expectancy at the population level, respectively. Changes in population health over the past century are more difficult to summarize succinctly than changes in life expectancy. The deterioration of the quality of life of vulnerable older people creates a significant gap between life expectancy and health, a formidable challenge facing humanity.

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