What does the term healthspan refer to?

While it is unlikely that everyone will agree on a single definition, a common definition is that health expectancy is the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging. Health is a relevant topic for all people with enormous social and economic consequences all over the world. Many might agree that “the duration of health” can be defined as the period of life in which a person is healthy. Life expectancy is a new term that describes the period of life during which a dog or person is active, healthy and feels good.

These tests make it possible to compare a given patient with the average of their age, to determine if they are aging well or poorly. It may seem like common sense, but maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with moderate and regular exercise and without smoking or drinking alcohol is the surest way to promote health and limit the onset of most diseases. Consult the World Health Organization and other Internet sources, such as PubMed, for more comprehensive information on health trends in other countries. Research on aging now seeks to extend hope for health rather than treating age-related diseases once they have started.

While younger people could benefit more in the long term if they focused more on therapies that moderate the duration of health, older adults may be the first to see benefits. The term dates back to the 19th century and is still useful in phrases such as the average lifespan of a typical domestic cat and things that people can do to increase their life expectancy. To understand health, it is necessary to describe good health, which is much more than the absence of disease. If a person does not perform these tasks as well as their peers, specific interventions, such as physical or occupational therapy, nutritional changes or improved social opportunities, can be used to improve their quality of life; in other words, to extend their health.

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